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Reflections on Efficiency Tests

Work Experience





1975 -1976
2nd semester

Assistant Professor

Teaching at University
(in English)

Pahlavi University
Shiraz , Iran

1976 - 1983

Assistant Professor

Teaching at University
(in Arabic)

Department of Economics
Faculty of Commerce
Kuwait University

1979 - 1981

Economic Researcher



Participant in a number of Scientific Research Projects

Training research assistants in Techno-economic Department at KISR

Dr. Mohammad Dessouky
Techno-Economic Department

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR)

1983 - 1986

Economic Expert

Establishing and Managing "The Center for Investment Studies" to become the right arm for investing financial surpluses of The Social Security Corporation and Pension fund
Conducting Feasibility Studies for proposed investment projects

Social Security Corporation
Amman Jordan
Dr. Jawad Al-Anani
Mr. Farhi Obaid

1984 - 1986 Economic Advisor

Conduct Economic studies concerning alternative policy options to stimulate economic activity and deal with recession in Jordan at that time

Ministry of Industry and Trade
Amman Jordan
Dr. Rajaai Al-Muasher

1986 - 1987 Chief Economist

Conduct techno-economic feasibility studies for a number of investment projects utilizing all kinds of natural resources to be later known as "The Dead Sea Industrial Complex". It includes Soda Ash ,Magnesium Oxide, Oil from oily rocks

Investment research arm for a consortium of Arab Potash, Jordan Phosphate and Jordan Fertilizers companies
Eng. Omar A. Dakhqan

1987 - 1989

Department of Research and Studies


Activate Research and publications at Amman Chamber of Commerce

Conduct studies and prepare reports on matters related to economic and trade issues as requested by the Board of directors

Amman Chamber of Commerce
Amman Jordan
Mr. Hamdi Tabba
Mr. Mohammed Asfour

1989 - 1992

Fiscal & Monetary Policies, Planning and Investment

Coordinate and supervise all cooperation activities among Arab Cooperation Council Countries in the areas of Fiscal and Monetary policies, Planning and Investment

General Secretariat
Arab Cooperation Council
Amman Jordan
Dr. Helmi Nammar

1986 - 1996

Local Economic Advisor

Part - Time


Participate in all studies carried out by International Consultants such as Swedtel, Price Waterhouse, and The World Bank for Jordan Telecommunication Corporation aiming at:

     Transforming the corporation to a company run and operated commercially as private sector companies

     Establishing an Authority to privatize and regulate all aspects of business in the communication sector

     Allowing Strategic Partner or more to own and manage the telecommunication company

     Introducing MOBILE service in  the communication sector

     Opening the communication sector to competition by allowing companies to provide all kinds of communication services

Jordan Telecommunication Corporation
Department of Economic Policies
Ministry of Post and Communication
Mr. Shahed Ismail,
Director General
Dr. Ahmed Al-Hourani
Eng. Jamil Afram


1992 - Presen Associate Professor

Teaching at University
(in Arabic)

Department of Finance and Banking
Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Petra University (previously University of Women)

Department of Finance and Banking
1995 - 2001

Teaching at University
(in Arabic)

Managing Department affairs

Deputy Dean

2001 - 2003


Teaching at University
(in Arabic)

Assisting the Dean in preparing semester course schedule and attending to students problems and cases

Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences

Petra University


2003 - Present


Managing Faculty affairs with a spirit  of friendship and teamwork towards achieving modernization and excellence through:

   Updating Study Plans in all accredited majors

   Introducing new majors according to market needs

   Upgrading computer labs and other infrastructural  facilities such as a simulated dealing room directly connected to Amman Bourse and many computer software to improve the teaching process at the faculty

   Developing teaching methods and tools through using data shows in lecture halls and Blackboard system of Education

   Improving work conditions and work environment

   Ensuring participation of all faculty members in faculty activities

   maintaining excellent relationships with other faculties and departments

   Demanding good manners and big hearts from all faculty members as well as professionalism in teaching

   Transforming many aspects of work towards e-learning

   Maintaining excellent relations with students through mutual respect and listening to their problems and finding appropriate solutions

   Achieving excellent results in all majors in The University Efficiency Tests conducted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research for many consecutive semesters

Helping students in their job search


General Coordinator

The University Efficiency Tests

قصيدة الكفاءة


Planning and supervising all preparations for the University Efficiency Test by all Faculties and Departments

Coordinating efforts by all Faculties and Departments

Stimulating students to attend make-up lectures and discussions to achieve excellent results

Arousing the spirit of challenge and determination by faculty members and students in all majors to be No.1 in every semester

Managing  the exams with a high degree of  academic professionalism that was admired by officials from the Ministry of Higher Education and gained their appreciation

Achieving excellence by being the First among all participating universities in Jordan in many consecutive rounds. These achievements have placed Petra University at the top of all high education institutions in the country to become a household name ever since

Petra University
1985 - 2004


Part - Time

Teaching many courses in Economics, Finance and Banking to students working in the Banking Sector in Jordan

The ONLY PART-TIME Lecturer to continue  teaching at the Institute for 20 consecutive years because of positive student evaluation of excellent teaching performance and interaction with students

Institute of Banking Studies
Amman Jordan
Dr, Adeeb Haddad



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