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Curriculum Vitae
Abdelaziz Saymeh
Name Abdelaziz Farid Saymeh
Department Financial and Banking Sciences
Home eMail Asaymeh@uop.edu.jo
Work eMail asaymeh@uop.edu.jo
Extension 00
Work Number 5715546

I- Worked for Emirates college of Technology, (E.C.T),Abu Dhabi UAE ;Sep. 2005-March.2011, assuming the following responsibilities:-

                1. Manager, Continuing Education Center, Emirates College of Technology (2008-2010).

2. Chairman of Banking and Finance program

3. Teaching Banking, Finance and Management courses

4. Conduct training courses in finance, banking:

-         Banking induction course –Emirates Institute for banking and financial Studies Feb, 2009.

-         Financial Risk Management for the Ministry of Finance employees.2008-2010

-         Banking operations- Continuing Education Center –Emirates College of Technology2008-2010.

-         Stock Markets –Continuing Education Center-Emirates College of Technology2008-2010.

-         Portfolio Management-Continuing Education Center-Emirates College of Technology2008-2010.

-         Business Administration program, Continuing Education Center-Emirates College of Technology2008-2010

-         Budgeting forecasting and preparation-Continuing Education Center-Emirates College of Technology2008-23010.

-         Foreign Exchange trading and forecast analysis, Continuing Education Center-Emirates College of Technology

II-Worked for Geneva International Forex Trading Company,Amman - Jordan; (2003-2005)

III-Manager for Philadelphia Investment Bank-Main Branch,Amman - Jordan. (2000-2003)

IV-Manager, Arab Paints Company-Nablus-Palestine, (1995-2000)

V-Manager for Invest Bank-Main Branch –Amman -Jordan, (1992-1994)

VI-Dealer at Amman Stock Market, Amman-Jordan. (1989-1991)

VII -Researcher in Royal Scientific Society, Amman-Jordan(1988-1989 )

 VIII- ARAMCO, Dhahran-Saudi Arabia; (1972-1987):

1- Instructor and Science chairman in the training department,

2- Senior Advisor, Career Development Department.

3- Coordinator, Career Development Department

Ph.D: Amman Avab University for Higher Education - Jordan
Master: King Fahd University for Petroleum and Minerals - Saudi Arabia
Bachelor: Cairo University - Egypt