FacultyOf Administrative and Financial Science FAFS

Business Administration


The overall aim of this department is to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills needed in the field of business administration. Through several theoretical and practical courses, our graduates should be capable of filling managerial positions in both private and public sectors.<div style="display:none">how to cheat husband <a href="http://scottdangelo.com/page/reasons-wives-cheat-on-their-husbands.aspx">open</a> married affairs sites</div>


To be a Center of Knowledge in Business Management and the most attractive department for students who seek high quality business education in Jordan and the Arab Region


Offering high quality education, research and consultancy services, and enhance students' opportunities to succeed in the labor market, Provide them with the abilities of decision making and problem solving in the management field and improve their readiness for business entrepreneurship


  1. To provide students with exceptional educational services, develop their knowledge and enhance their opportunities to succeed in the labor market
  2. To provide appropriate educational programs to the needs of students and adhere to the academic standards of excellence.
  3. To provide students with the required skills to gain better understanding of business environment and enhance their readiness for business entrepreneurship. <div style="display:none">how to cheat husband <a href="http://scottdangelo.com/page/reasons-wives-cheat-on-their-husbands.aspx">link</a> married affairs sites</div>
  4. To provide students with the scientific, intellectual and professional abilities in decision making and problem solving in the management field
  5. To employ the most qualified faculty and to create an appropriate academic environment that encourages research and development
  6. To provide consulting and community services, and enhance the exchange of knowledge and experiences with the community and other stakeholders